Project Overview

“Ezi Digital Marketing” is one of the My Local Pages Group of business. Emerging from the My Local Pages “Wholesale Digital Marketing” services. After years of providing Digital Agencies across the Globe, these services now businesses can come direct to “Ezi Digital Marketing”. Custom Designed Marketing to fit your budget and requirements. Our team of specialists in each element of Digital Marketing make sure you have the right people with the right skills, providing you the opportunity to achieve great results.

Digital Marketing Strategists and Account Managers typically have 15 years experience and have overseen a range of clients, with our people in this role supporting New York Agencies, to Melbourne, Australia, to London, UK. We’ve delivered our specialist teams globally, and now it’s your opportunity to benefit from what we’ve done behind the scenes for years and now you can benefit directly.


Full Digital Marketing Services & Websites/Apps Build/Design


We have the full 360 Degrees of Strategies with added layers built into our business model.


Established business

Our Solutions

When a business is looking for a solution, it means they need to find a pathway to reach their goals. This is where we excel, with our underlining program driven by not only Digital Marketing Strategists, then implemented in conjunction with an Account Manager that works closely with your business, it is then fully supported by teams of specialists, all with typically 12 – 15+ years experience of high performance. This allows our Digital Marketing Solutions to deliver on the outcome we design our marketing campaigns to achieve.

The Result

A journey of a thousand steps is not required when you engage the Ezi Digital Marketing team. Between Strategist, Account Manager and team of Specialists, the total years of experience must be close to 50 plus years of knowledge to drive my business. You’re in good hands!

The designed marketing pathway, allows for us to generate interest, provide a call to action or purpose for the given prospective client to engage and give your business the best opportunity to convert from lead to sale, then ongoing referral source for your business.

Having a proper team supporting your Digital Marketing from the initial meeting, to implementation, then on the journey that is a digital marketing campaign, you will feel the support and see the results. A digital marketing campaign, often has algorithm changes across various platforms we need to contend with, tweaks and fine tuning to get fully aligned but our team are monitoring each step of the way, so you’re in good hands. Let’s get your best Digital Marketing Team of specialists together for you by arranging a meeting with “Ezi Digital Marketing” and get your journey to success going!