Project Overview

An Electronic Scooter and Bike store needed assistance to generate an ongoing flow of leads as they had tried implementing an internal Digital Marketing person to achieve this and found the skill set was lacking in many areas. Each person they tried had a strength but didn’t deliver the leads no mater how much they spent. So to reduce cost and generate superior efficiency they came to us. We achieved this with the last quarter alone generating 606 new leads going directly to the managers to close the sales. The benefit from this social media lead funnel campaign was five times more than what they could produce from an internal person, with less ad spend too.


Social Media Paid Ads, Sales Funnel , Ezi Marketing CRM & Messenger Delivery System


Stimulate Interest, Lead Capture & Immediate Action


Electronic Scooter & Bikes

Our Solution

Our marketing was designed for analyzed target audience, with the focus to “Stimulate & Interest” as a key part of our “Call to Action” through Social Media campaigns across social platforms. As we identified the best method to then liaise and assist converting leads into sales, we placed a workflow sequence in place that supplied both the prospective buyer and our clients manager who were to interact with these prospects in a shorter time frame. This has continued to result in a flow of sales, being more consistent and able to quickly identify immediate purchasers and create a pipeline of future sales too. The ability to build a future sales pipeline is a vital key to all business as these people, like, know and trust your business ahead of the buying decision.

The Result

The focus of your specific targeted buying audience is the first key step. Broad based digital marketing can waste considerably money and time. Get it right from the foundations, then we can build a successful business on this model.

– Martin Wyatt

The result has seen the highest ever sales conversion ratio for this business through Digital Marketing. The flow of sales, then further referrals from these buyers is very clear and noticeable to the business owners.

Since this campaign commenced it has saved our client funds on the ad spend they had previously and by being significantly more cost effective, this has freed up funds to have more stock available, further increasing sales.

The key to success in any campaign is be aligned to the prospective purchasers, designing a sales system that works both for higher conversions but also places future buyers into your pipeline to build layers. This is then further enhanced with the ability to introduce reason and purpose for these buyer to refer additional buyers, adding in our third layer of sales. This has been a successful campaign which is ongoing and has shown consistency and delivered great results.