Project Overview

When these two businesses needed new websites, social media identities to commence building a following on social media & generate leads across social and google ads we could see our “Trades/Contractor” digital services would be the solution.

Each business sector has it’s own key elements that align to perform best for each industry. The individual businesses may start from different positions, and have a few variables, although there are proven strategies, formula’s and similar campaigns that we can provide each business sector to achieve success.


Business Sector Digital Marketing


Branding – Leads/Sales Pipeline


Business Industry Channel

Our Solution

Today, your website and your social media are vital elements for all Trades/Contractors, so we establish you as a trusted business in your industry, highlighting your work, skills and stimulating interest from people considering these services and we look to inspire these people to take action now. This is completed often through a combination of SEO for the website and the long term benefit along with Social Media/Google Ads to generate calls to action to generate clients in the immediate timeline. This is then supported with a Ezi Marketing CRM to have each person assisted in the best way possible given their level of interest. This generate new leads, places people into a future pipeline for business and makes each of them feel that your business is looking after them through their journey.

The Result

Expertise comes fro years of performing our job at
a high level and with trades/contractors they relate having the same experience in their industry.

We become a virtual marketing department to our clients and they love this as we will always have them covered, with no time off and a team of specialists to deliver on all aspects of our work.

“It was once said build it and they will come, that may be right for baseball, but more importantly have marketing performing and they become clients.”

The solution we provide can assist from one phase to the four phases of prospective clients/customers journeys. Our simple offer can result in generating immediate leads through to the full system of generating genuine interest, live leads, to those interested but not taking action right now, so they go into our pipeline process of nurturing and retaining these as future sales. Then we have the ability to generate referrals through all of the above phases that can have a success compounding effect for future sales and keep the database of pipeline clients for future and retain past clients, along with referrers.

This solution ensures short, mid and long terms success for Trades/Contractors so they have longevity in the industry and are not forced into the common issue of the roller coaster feel to business, so they can enjoy a smoother more consistent flow and therefore be able to plan out their businesses future.